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Started calligraphy at the age of 5.
Started learning classic calligraphy in junior high school. Joined the calligraphy club in high school, and had lessons in earnest.
Showed the work at National Calligraphic Exhibition and local exhibitions, and won numerous awards including the Minister of Education Award.
Received a special award from Hiroshima.
Hoping to deepen her knowledge and acquire power of expression, entered a collage that has calligraphy department.
Graduated the collage and obtained 1st grade teachers license to teach Japanese and calligraphy in junior high school and high school.
Gave birth to her eldest son Ryo in 2008.
Becoming a mother, feminine viewpoint is added to her works more.
Set up own website in 2009 and started to be active on a full scale as "Calligrapher SUILAN"!


While respecting the tradition, I blend art into my calligraphy, and design my thoughts with brushes. With my calligraphy, I want to express the beautiful words of not only Japanese but also different languages and have new encounters "a once-in-a-lifetime chance" though my work.

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